The car and weather equipment shown below is a Dax Cobra. This is example of how the weather equipment can look but it will differ slightly on each car.

Two piece hood frame which slots together then pushes into body.

Sidescreens can be pushed into body and left in place. Other types will zip onto hood only.


The hood is placed over the hood frame then clamped to the top of the windscreen and clipped down to the body. Sidescreen fits neatly under roof which has a stitch in gutter to take water away from edge. This is the same if zipped to hood.


Wet weather equipment can be in Mo-hair or P.V.C There is plently of room inside when the hood is on the car.


Tonneau cover with Zip so passenger side can be covered while driving. The Tonneau cover is good for leaving the car covered when unattended.